Woodworm Control & Woodworm Treatments in Hampshire & Berkshire


Not a worm, but a beetle, it is the emerging larvae that cause the small, pinprick holes and the minuscule piles of dust.

Woodworm can be symptomatic of a bigger problem.

Damp Wood

Woodworm infect any wood where there is enough moisture to sustain them, usually 18% or more. That is why woodworm in structural timbers could be a sign of dampness.

There are several beetles that lay their eggs in holes they burrow in wood, the most common being the Common Furniture Beetle. They create a small cavity, lay an egg in it and leave the larvae to do the damage.

The larvae burrow until they pupate, at which point they leave the wood. A significant infestation can lead to structural weakness in wood, leading to collapsing leg chairs and in very bad cases of woodworm in a property, sagging roof trusses.

But, the woodworm can lay dormant in wood, waiting for the dryness to pass and for moisture to return.


Woodworm also take up residence in wooden furniture, it doesn’t matter which wood or what condition it is in. Providing it is moist enough, they will happily live in it.

However, you may find the tell-tale pinprick holes and throw the item on the recycling pile, assuming it has ‘active’ woodworm.

The truth is, the beetle could have long gone but you are only realising it now.

How to Spot Signs of Active Woodworm

When called to a possible woodworm problem, our team with use a series of measures to identify if the infestation is an active, dormant or past problem;

  • You may notice fine powdery dust coming out of holes – wipe away the dust and check again after a few hours. If there is more dust, there is an active woodworm.
  • From April to September, you may see adult beetles emerging from the holes or you may see them in your house.
  • Scratch away the surface of the wood and you may see larvae.

Identifying the Woodworm

Our qualified pest control technicians can easily and quickly identify which wood boring beetles is causing the problem and will create a solution and treatment to fit.

We can also help to prevent further problems, by identifying the problem and helping you to remedy it. Best of all, there is no call out charge and our on-site assessment is completely free too.

Woodworm is not a danger to your health, but you don’t want to share your home with a beetle…

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