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They can be plain or incredibly colourful and ornate, but the moth, if trapped in our homes and allowed to lay eggs on natural fabrics, can cause expensive damage.

How do Moths get Into Your Property?

You will have noticed them many times, flying in through an open window, attracted by the light given off by a lamp.

Most of the time, we notice them and swat them back out the window. But, there are those that come in undetected and find their way into space in our homes where we keep items made from natural materials and fibres.

Natural Fibre Mix

Many people believe that moths only land on materials that are all natural fibres such as a stored wool jumper or blanket. But, moths will lay their eggs on materials that have as little as 25% natural fibres.

They don’t just attack stored items in closets and the like. They will also attach themselves onto the underside of sofas. In fact, they will migrate to places that are dark and where they are unlikely to be disturbed.

Moth or Beetle?

The damage left by the emerging larvae as it eats the material or fabric is a perfect circle. The carpet beetle also leaves circular pieces of damage in a carpet or rug.

But the treatment for the moth and carpet beetle is different and that is why ensuring before any treatment takes place, which one is doing the damage is important.

Prevention Better than Cure

There are many things you can do to prevent moths becoming a problem;

  • Shut windows in an evening as soon as you switch on lights to stop them entering your property
  • Check items for moths before you store them
  • Check stored items regularly for moths and damage
  • Store things in sealed, plastic bags or containers

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There are times when a moth problem is more than just a few moths in the trunk in an attic. Although moths don’t pose a danger to health, they are a nuisance and the damage they leave behind is expensive and unsightly.

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