Flea Control & Flea Treatments in Hampshire & Berkshire


Fleas – are they just a problem for households with pets? The common flea can strike anywhere at any time, whether there are pets in the property or not.

Hard to Spot BUT…

… if you do have pets and they are scratching continuously and you have noticed small bites around your ankles or wrists, you may have a flea problem.

Wingless and small, fleas are hard to spot. They are shiny and reddish brown in colour. They are compressed in shape which means they can move quickly through animal fur – and it makes them difficult to squash.

They are parasites, feeding on their hosts blood which is why they enjoy a home with pets in it, although humans will do just as well. Fleas don’t fly but jump – and studies have shown they can jump considerable distances.

The Problem with Fleas

They don’t spread disease in the modern day but fleas feeding off rats infected with the bubonic plague were responsible for its spread.

However, our hygiene and understanding of medical conditions today means that fleas are no longer the carriers of nasty diseases and germs.

But, they are an uncomfortable problem for you and your pets. The life cycle of the flea can be difficult to pinpoint but once you have one tiny flea in your home, the likelihood is, the population will increase at a substantial rate.

There are many shop-bought flea treatments that profess to dealing with a flea problem but, some of these remedies can make the infestation worse. Flea bombs, for example, simply spread the fleas around the house. Other treatments hang in the air for a long time and can be dangerous to fish tanks etc.

Embarrassed? No Need to Be

The best option is to call our team at TAH Environmental who have years of experience in dealing with flea infestations in both homes and businesses across the county.

There is no need for embarrassment as fleas, like most insects, prefer a nice warm and clean home, with plenty of food (you and your pets!).

Flea treatments vary and as such, you will also need to have your pets treated on the same day as we treat your home. The only suitable and effective remedies are available from your vet and not over-the-counter treatments.

We always offer a discreet pest control service, with no call out fee and a comprehensive quotation so you know what method we are using, and costs involved. And we guarantee our work too.


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