Fly Control & Fly Treatments in Hampshire & Berkshire


Flies can be found in homes and businesses throughout the country.

Some species are more common than others. That is because flies are attracted to different environments which suit their natural habits and lifecycle.

At TAH Environmental, we know a lot about flies, their size, habits, seasonality and lifecycle. That means, when you call us about a fly problem, we take definitive steps to identify, treat and prevent future problems.

The Problem with Flies

They are a nuisance – flies are an irritant, buzzing about landing on you, work surfaces and possessions. They don’t sting, so you would assume that other than being a pesky irritant, they are not a danger to human health. Read on…

They spread germs and diseases – most flies like anything protein-rich, like the rotting carcass of a dead animal or faeces. This means that they land in all kinds of places, with bacteria and germs trapped on the tiny hairs of their legs. When they land on food, utensils, eating surfaces and preparation areas of the kitchen, they are leaving behind micro-organisms and bacteria that potential cause us serious illness.

This is why if you notice a lot of flies hanging around, it is time to give TAH Environmental a call.

Not an Embarrassing Problem

Many people are embarrassed to call about a ‘fly problem’ but sometimes, it is not the common house fly that is causing the problem.

For example, long, hot dry summers are favoured by flies, especially sand flies – which can deliver a very itchy bite – and then there are horse flies, enormous winged insects that not only love biting horses but humans too.

This is why you should call us:

  • We identify the fly – we make sure that we know what we are dealing with. This could be an influx of blue bottles or an infestation of cluster flies in the attic.
  • We assess the problem – this means understanding the scale of the problem. Most fly infestations are short term, one off problems. If flies are a reoccurring problem, there may be a deeper issue we need to deal with.
  • We look for the source of the problem – flies are attracted to an area for a reason: find the source to deal with the problem. This could be as simple as fitting a better lid to your compost, or it may be that next door need to clean up after their dogs. These are all issues we can handle.
There is no need for embarrassment if you are being bothered by flies. Call our team today and benefit from a no call out charge and FREE on site quotation.

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