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Are ants a problem? They can be…

Ants in the UK

There are many different species of ant in the UK. Thankfully, they are not poisonous or venomous and apart from delivering an itchy bite, they don’t pose a problem to health.

Some ants live in or around wood, some enjoy the garden and what plants offer them but there are some ants that live in buildings. These are not common but if you suspect you have an insect-like infestation in the fabric of your building, please call our specialist team here at TAH Environmental.

The Common Garden Ant

The ant that we are most commonly asked to deal with is the common garden ant. Reddish-brown in colour they are a common sight in the soil, around plants and so on.

A large colony can number several thousand and when they make their nests in the root systems of some plants, the plant itself can become unstable.

This is not the issue that people call us with when it comes to ants. It is ants in the home that cause problems.

Ants like sweet, sugary foods and this means that a lone ant, sent out to prospect for a new food source, will go back to the colony and tell that it has found a delightful jar of jam, sitting on a worktop in your kitchen.

Within minutes, there will be a stead and orderly stream of ants walking to the jar of jam or other food, and another line of ants returning to the colony.

Unhindered, they will make this journey several hundred times until every last speck of sugary jam has been transported back to the colony.

As hypnotic as this may be, watching two lines of ants make the same journey, following the same route time after time, it is not hygienic in the kitchen.

There are also times when there are many colonies under patios and decking. This can make enjoying your garden and al fresco dining difficult, with thousands of ants crawling about the space.

Why call TAH Environmental?

We can identify the ant, assess the scale of the problem and come up with solutions that stop ants being a nuisance in and around your home.

You may think it a trivial problem but, if allowed to continue, ants will eventually cause increasing problems in the garden and possibly, in your property too.

We offer a fantastic service – swift, prompt and affordable, with NO call out charge and a free quotation.

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