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Birds, Pigeons and Seagulls

Birds are around us all the time and are an important part of the local ecosystem.

Garden birds eat the insects and bugs that cause problems in the garden. However, due to the development in towns and cities more birds are moving towards urban habitats.

The Pigeon

Pigeons should be a cliff dwelling bird but the high-rise properties in and around towns and cities provided the same habitat but with one advantage: a better supply of food.

Pigeons mate for life and have other habits that are different from other species. For example, you will rarely see a ‘baby pigeon’ because they are adept at nesting away from prying eyes. Their squabs don’t leave the nest until they resemble an adult pigeon.

Pigeons flock and roost in large numbers. Their droppings damage the façade of buildings and the build-up of faeces on balconies and the like makes a building look unsightly. Wet droppings can be slippery too and unpleasant.

The Seagull

Seagull are opportunistic scavengers. They also learn and pass on behaviour. Thus, if they know that a certain householder puts out bread on the lawn daily, Seagulls will remain in the area every day, waiting for the bread or food to be thrown out.

As much as you detest seagulls, they are doting and attentive parents. BUT, this means they will swoop if they think that their young are under attack, even if you are only walking in your own garden and nowhere near the nest as such.

Bird, Pigeon and Seagull Control

Pigeons and seagulls are not the only birds to cause a nuisance. Starlings can flock and roost in large numbers too.

The main issue with birds is the damage they can do to building. Their droppings damage building facades, their weight on gutters can lead to them being broken and they are noisy too.

At TAH Environmental, we have a range of solutions in the form of bird proofing measures, from humane spikes that stop birds from landing on a building to netting and similar tools.

This protects your building from damage, which is expensive and ongoing if you don’t stop the birds from roosting on the property.

Investing in bird proofing measures that are proven and effective is the only successful way of stopping birds being a nuisance. Cowls on chimneys prevents nests being made in them, preventing swooping birds during nesting season.

We provide a wide range of services to control and deter birds, which includes solar panel proofing & cleaning.

For more information and a quotation on bird proofing, call the friendly team here at TAH Environmental.

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