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Rodents, Rats and Mice

If there is one pest that sends shivers down the spine, it is finding your home, outbuildings, garden or land under siege from rodents, the brown rat in particular.


There are all kinds of statistics that tell us we are never more than a few feet from a brown rat. The truth is the population of brown rats in the UK, a non-native species that arrived on cargo ships from far-flung lands centuries ago, is unknown.

Their numbers are high across the country, but gather in places that offer them safety, warm places to nest and raise their young, along with a ready food supply on their doorstep.


As with rats, there are various species of mice. Rarely seeking out human company, they prefer to stay in their usual habitat in fields, river banks and woodlands.

Poor weather, lack of food and predators can be the driving factors in pushing mice into homes and outbuildings. Although not as feared and detested as the rat, mice in and around your buildings is not great news.

The Problem with Rats and Mice

There are many problems to sharing a space with a rat or mouse;

  • Damage – rodents have incisor teeth which means they continually grow. Thus, they gnaw to keep these incisor teeth short but also to shred nesting and bedding material. They will shred any soft materials and sometime harder materials too, depending on what you have stored in the basement, shed, garage etc.
  • Health Hazard – rats and mice carry a bacterium which, if ingested by humans, can lead to serious illness. Even with gloves and other materials, it is possible to transfer the bacterium, mainly found in rat and mouse urine, inadvertently, leading to an illness that is very, very unpleasant.
  • Population – rats and mice are prolific breeders. The female adult rat, for example, can have litters ranging from 7 to 14 young and up to 5 times a year, if the conditions are suitable. Female rats reach sexual maturity within 5 weeks of birth. Thus, where there is one rat, there are bound to be others.

Professional Pest Control Help

A rat or mouse infestation will not go away of its own accord.

Rats breed quickly and in large numbers. Mice can breed in large numbers too but can sometimes ‘disappear’ of their own accord when the better weather arrives. However, as cute as the mouse looks, it is not good for you nor your property to be playing host to a mice family.

As well as dealing quickly and effectively with the problem, we also advise you on how to avoid rodent problems in the future.

We can offer night time surveillance and control with the use of night vision equipment as one of the many solutions to effecting controlling rats and rodents.

With NO call out charge, our rodent eradication and control services are discreet, fully insured and guaranteed to be effective. Call us today.

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