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The mole is an elusive, burrowing mammal that prefers loose, sandy soil. With very small eyes and superior hearing, the mole spends most of its time underground, creating a labyrinth of tunnels.

Moles are easily spotted in an area by mole hills, the towers of waste soil from their tunnelling activities.

They burrow to create chambers for mating and sleeping, as well as to feed on worms and other small insects in the soil.

Moles are rarely seen but like other mammals, have the potential to become disorientated. And this can lead to problems.

The Built Environment

When there is, or has been a lot of building in an area, the mole can become ‘trapped’ between built structures. This means they may seek out ground that is not suitable, such as your lawn, the local bowling green and sports pitches.

If their numbers in a certain area significantly increase, it can lead to a criss-cross of tunnels that leave the ground unstable. When livestock such as cattle or horses move across it, the ground can collapse.

This is why farmers regularly decrease the mole population on their land.

The Problem with Moles

As well as causing instability under foot, simply removing a mole is not enough. The tunnels need to be sealed or another mole will simply move in.

Often betrayed as a bespectacled, wise character in literature, the mole can cause all kinds of problems. But, there are only certain methods that can be used to capture, euthanized or relocate moles.

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