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There are over 950,000 species of insect in the world but thankfully, we don’t have to deal with all of them here in the UK.

What is an Insect?

An insect is defined as having a three-part body – the head, thorax and abdomen – three pairs of jointed legs, compound eyes and a pair of antennae.

Ladybirds, butterflies, bedbugs, fleas, moths, flies, bees, beetles and wasps are just a few examples of insects.

We Need Insects

Insects are low down in the food chain but they are a vital part of the eco system, providing food for other insects and birds.

Insects such as bees pollinate crops and plants meaning that food can grow and the local environ flourishes.

We live with insects all around us without being aware that they are there. But there are times when they become a nuisance, resulting in an infestation.

Handling Insect Infestations

There are many products and remedies that you can buy that all promise to help rid your home or garden of an insect infestation, such as fleas on Fido or bugs in the bed.

But here in lies the problem: the large number of insect species means that no one remedy can deal with them all.

Like other animals, insects have different lifecycles and routines. What works with one insect to eradicate it from an area, will not work with another.

The bed bug, for example, is notoriously difficult to be remove from a property, especially in the case of large-scale infestations. Following treatment, cleaning needs to be thorough.

Fleas are a nuisance and not only common in households with pets. But treatment needs to be applied and left for the entire two-week lifecycle of the flea for it to be effective.

Don’t Let Embarrassment Stand in the Way of Professional Pest Control Help

Many people are embarrassed to admit they have an insect infestation, assuming it is an indication of poor hygiene.

But it isn’t. Like other animals, insects prefer places that are clean, dry and safe, preferably humid and free from predators, as well close to a ready food source.

Our team at TAH Environmental have dealt with all kinds of insect infestations. We offer a discreet service, with NO call out fees. We guarantee our work so you have the peace of mind that your home or business premises will be insect-free after treatment – if not, we’ll keep coming back until it is.

Insect problems don’t go away on their own. Shop-bought remedies can make it worse. Call our team today.

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